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Wildlife photography workshop

Professional wildlife photographer, I purpose wildlife photography workshop in France, in the Jura mountains (near Pontarlier). More than one hundred days of workshop by year.

I am specialised on some species: Stoat, red fox, wild cat but also chamois, pygmy owl, ...

Workshops takes place from monday to Friday, from 1 to 5 days as you want (for difficult subjects as wild cat, more you are into the wild, more chance to take photo). Only one or two customers during the workshop.

Send me an email (fabien.greban@orange.fr) to discuss about the animals that you want and about the date of your workshop.

The course of the day depends on the season and the weather. But in winter, we generally start 1 hour before the sun rise (6 or 7 o'clock) and work until noon. We can go to eat at a typical restaurant (price not included) and return in the wild until the sun set (18 o'clock). In summer, we also generally start 1 hour before the sun rise (5 o'clock) until 10 o'clock. We continue the rest of the workshop from 15 or 16 o'clock until the sun set (21 or 22 o'clock).

One day

two days

three days

four days

five days

Only one people

130 euros

240 euros

360 euros

480 euros

600 euros

For two peoples

90 euros per pers.

160 euros per pers.

240 euros per pers.

320 euros per pers.

400 euros per pers.

The price is only for the workshop. Transport, hotel and food are not included.

During the workshop, I will do my best to approach these species but you know that Nature is the Master, so I can not guarantee the photos.

I can advise you several lodges and guest rooms and hotel, located near the place of the workshop :

- Au pas du Comtois (english speaking)
- 3 pas dans l'herbe
- Le relai de Franche-Comté (english speaking)

© Fabien Gréban - Jura sauvage photographies
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